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It’s about experiencing golf in a relaxing, social, fun community environment without losing that classic feel that preserves the game.

Club Golf Indoor offers 3 state-of-the-art Full Swing golf simulators, where patrons can play a round of golf on a world renowned course, enjoy a target golf game, or try a variety of other sport games. The Full Swing simulators provide the next best thing to actually playing golf outdoors and with the patented dual tracking technology, you can be confident your practice on the sim will translate outdoors. At Club Golf Indoor you can feel like you’re actually playing a championship golf course while enjoying a cold beverage from the full bar!

What sets Club Golf Indoor apart is the ability to play golf regardless of weather, darkness, or time constraints. A round of golf can be played in about an hour. We hope the seasoned golfer, the novice golfer, and even those who have never picked up a club will enjoy themselves in our clubhouse environment.  There are numerous televisions, impromptu competitions, and good vibes to keep people coming back throughout the year!




We are passionate about golf! The challenging nature of the game, along with the camaraderie  that is built with friends and colleagues is something that we hold dear.  The idea of Club Golf Indoor came about because we wanted to have a golf simulator in our home but quickly realized there was not enough space and it was not an option. We began to envision what we thought the ideal venue would look like and how to make it a reality. Very simply, it is our goal to provide a welcoming space for our community to share in the love of the game, competition and fellowship. We look forward to building this company, growing the game of golf, and meeting a lot of great people along the way!

Tina, Wynn, and Tyler

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