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Indoor Golf Offers a Range of Benefits

By Fritts Causby, copy writer at Club Golf Indoor

Considering that indoor golfing simulators have been around for a while now, it’s always a bit surprising when people ask me why I’m so obsessed with a video game. First off, comparing the simulators here to a video game is kind of like comparing a Volkswagen to a Ferrari, an Atari to a PlayStation 4, a PBR to a Tropical Lightning, or Chef Boyardee to Osteria Cicchetti. Still, it points to a broader issue, which is that people have a lot of questions about our simulators, how they work, and the benefits they provide for the novice, average or experienced golfer.

Rain or Shine, Day or Night

It may seem obvious, but being able to have a fun, realistic golfing experience regardless of weather conditions is one of the chief advantages to coming here. Many of our first time visitors have discovered Club Golf after a tee time at a local course got rained out. Many of our regulars have discovered they simply love to golf at night, in a casual environment surrounded by friends and/or family.

On the first sunny day after a long period of rain, it is not uncommon for the local golf courses to be as full of bugs as they are of people. Being free from the incessant, annoying irritations of insects that plague the Wilmington area during certain times of the year is something that people love about golfing inside.

Who wouldn’t want to be golfing outside after spending days on end trapped indoors? It is hardly surprising that many local golf courses are jam packed after a long period of drenching rainfall. A much less obvious influence that the weather has on our business is also one of the best kept secrets about Club Golf—that we are often empty on sunny days and sometimes offer deep discounts on our simulators when the climactic conditions in Wilmington are favorable for golfing outside.

Play at your Pace

Constantly having to wait to take the next shot can make it hard to get into a groove. For the average and experienced golfer, this can be an endless source of frustration. Another source of frustration for many golfers is that, in the real world, the amount of time required to play a round of golf can suddenly skyrocket out of control, due to the speed and ability level of the players in front of you.

What is more concerning for the beginning golfer is the sense of nervousness, anxiety and stress that comes from knowing people are waiting, and watching. Thinking about how people are waiting on you to finish and how every swing is being judged can result in rushed shots, bad decisions and poor ball striking.

There is never anyone in front of you at Club Golf. There is never anyone behind you either. Once a time on the simulator is booked, it is completely blocked off and the golfer is able to play as fast or as slow as they want. This is probably why many of our patrons tell us they feel less pressure golfing here. Of course, the fact that the bar is never far away doesn’t hurt either!

Reps + Feedback = Success

It is not exactly groundbreaking news to say that being able to play golf inside simply allows for more swings, more repetitions. Practice makes perfect, after all. The effectiveness of the practice time here at Club Golf is strengthened by the incredible feedback the simulators provide. The simulators are 99.8 percent accurate and provide a wealth of data pertaining to club head speed, swing path and the degree to which the club face is open or closed at impact. This allows beginners and novice golfers to understand what they are doing wrong and what they are doing right, as well as gain confidence about their ability to consistently strike the ball well. For experienced golfers, the data allows for dialing in clubs to levels that were previously thought impossible. An entire article might be necessary to fully explore this subject, so I will leave it there for now.

Dispelling the myths and explaining what we do here at Club Golf is a big part of what I do on a daily basis. With that in mind, this is the first in a series of articles I’ll be posting here to describe what we do and why it’s worthwhile to stop by for a visit, a round of golf or a favorite brew. Please reach out with questions by emailing Tina Eversole at For tee times or additional information, visit us on the web at Like us on Facebook by visiting

Fritts Causby is a copy writer at Club Golf Indoor, a sports bar in RiverLights with four state-of-the-art golf simulators. Patrons have the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf or a favorite adult beverage, as well as a variety of additional games, including soccer, zombie dodgeball, football and carnival games. Club Golf Indoor offers advanced booking for tee times, and the facility can be reserved for corporate events/private parties. For more information, call 910-833-5877.

Teeing off on an indoor golf simulator

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